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Scholarship Acceptance Form

Complete required documentation to receive awards

 To accept an offered Ogden Honors College scholarship, please prepare a digital copy of your signed scholarship agreement, a suitable head shot photograph, and a short biography. Submit these materials to complete your acceptance requirements below. 



By completing this form, I authorize Louisiana State University (LSU) and the LSU Foundation to release my information on this form as well as any criteria necessary for the determination of eligibility, amount, terms, and the enforcement of my scholarship to the donor(s), donor representative(s), honoree(s), honoree representative(s), and university officials. I understand that (1) I have the right to consent to the release of my educational records, information and words; (2) I have the right to receive a copy of such records upon request; and (3) this consent shall remain in effect until revoked by me, in writing, and e-mailed to the Ogden Honors College at, but that any revocation shall not affect disclosures previously made by LSU or the LSU Foundation prior to the receipt of any written revocation.