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DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

Provides support for graduate students pursuing doctoral degrees in the physical, engineering, computer, mathematical, or life sciences.


The Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF) is a program funded by the Department of Energy’s Office of Science and National Nuclear Security Administration.  The DOE CSGF trains scientists to meet the nation’s workforce needs and helps to create a nationwide interdisciplinary community.  The fellowship provides support and guidance to some of the nation’s best scientific graduate students in the physical, engineering, computer, mathematical, or life sciences, and these graduates now work in DOE laboratories, private industry and educational institutions. 


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Selection Criteria

Selection criteria include academic performance and graduate study program.


Applicants must:

  • Be planning full-time, uninterrupted study toward a Ph.D. degree at a U.S. university;

  • Be in their first or second year of graduate study in the physical, engineering, computer, mathematical, or life sciences or an exceptional senior undergraduate;

  • Be either U.S. citizens or permanent resident aliens;

  • Be enrolled at a department that either does not require that graduate students perform support activities (e.g. teaching, grading) to qualify for the doctoral degree or will waive such requirements, if they exist, for DOE CSGF fellows during the period of their fellowship.


Fellowship benefits include:

  • Full tuition and required fees will be paid during the appointment period;

  • A yearly stipend of $36,000;

  • A $1,000 academic allowance is paid annually to the fellow to be used for duplication expenses, conferences, copies of conference proceedings, travel, or other expenses incurred while doing research or activities directly related to the professional development of the fellow;

  • Upon request, matching funds of up to $2,475 will be made available to provide computer support.


Support of this fellowship is limited to 4 years and must be renewed each year.

For more information:

DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship