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Astronaut Scholarship

Provides support for students to cultivate leadership in science and technology.


The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation partners with over 40 schools (LSU being one of them) to provide scholarships for students pursuing STEM degrees in hopes of cultivating young leaders in the fields of science and technology. The Foundation supports students in engineering, natural or applied science, and mathematics who desire to be involved in research and furthering their field. Strong candidates have initiative, creativity, and good work ethic in their chosen field and are looking to get involved and lead their community. 

Selection Criteria

Applicants must be nominated by their ASF liaison at their attending university. 


  • A citizen of the United States
  • At the time of nomination, candidates must be at least in their second academic year and must be enrolled full-time  during the year they receive the award.
  • Students seeking a STEM degree with intentions to pursue research or advance their their field following graduation.
  • ASF seeks candidates with initiative, creativity, and work ethic.


The Astronaut Scholarship, valued up to $10,000 per students, is awarded to 50 scholars each year. 

Along with the monetary value of the award, scholars gain networking connections with astronauts, alumni, and great leaders in STEM. They also have the opportunity to attend the ASF Innovators Weekend during their time in the program. 


The scholarship is for one academic year and may be renewed for a second year. 

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