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Develop a Meaningful Course of Study and Find Research Opportunities

Creating a targeted academic plan is not only essential to your success as a fellowship applicant but as a student and academic.  Take advantage of all the academic and research opportunities the University community has to offer.

When developing a course of study, ask yourself the following questions:

"The faculty truly facilitates student learning and success.  Although LSU is a large institution, I have been 'more than a number' during my career.  I am truly grateful for all those who have helped shape me as a student and as an individual during my undergraduate career at LSU."

Jackie Zimmerman, 2006 Goldwater Scholar and 2007 USA Today Third Team Academic All-American

  1. Are the courses I am selecting challenging?

  2. Will these courses provide the skills necessary to succeed in graduate school?

  3. Does my course record illustrate my diverse interests?

  4. Am I taking a foreign language?

  5. Am I taking the courses necessary to write my Honors Thesis and receive Upper Division and/or College Honors?

  6. Have I taken a gateway research course?

  7. Am I developing meaningful relationships with my professors and mentors?

  8. Do these courses reflect my personal motivations, talents, and foundational principles?

  9. Is there a meaningful link between my curriculum and future career and educational goals?

  10. Am I undertaking individual research projects under the supervision of a faculty member?

There are many exciting research opportunities on the LSU campus for interested students.  Make an appointment with an Ogden Honors adviser to help find a faculty member pursuing your research interests.