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Personalized guidance in planning four years in the Honors College

An Honors Path

The Ogden Honors College staffs a team of professional advisers who assist students in planning all aspects of their four years at LSU — and their goals beyond graduation. Our advisers help each Honors student design a customized path through the University that is tailored to his or her major and personal aspirations. That path should include an outline for the student's course of study, as well as plans to participate in community service, study abroad, internships, research, and to complete an Honors Thesis.

Student-Advisor 2The goal of our intensive advising is to ensure that Honors students fully utilize LSU's vast array of resources in order to get the most out of their four years at a flagship university and become well-equipped for success after graduation. 

Advisers cater to the needs of high-achieving students using an integrated approach that includes overall planning and support for specialized activities:

Advising Schedule

In order to remain in good standing with the Ogden Honors College, students should meet with an Honors adviser for at least one advising session per year according to the following schedule. (Students may schedule additional advising session at any time.)

  • first-year students: Fall (at any time of the semester)
  • second-year students: Spring (at any time of the semester)
  • third-year students: Spring (at any time of the semester)
  • fourth- and fifth-year students: Fall (at any time of the semester)

An advising session typically consists of a discussion of the student's future plans in relation to the Honors curriculum, to his or her major degree programs' curriculum, and how relevant University resources might be utilized. 


Advising Appointment Scheduling

Appointments to meet with the Ogden Honors College advising staff may be made through the Navigate app or through the Navigate website.

Download Navigate (iOS / Apple)

Download Navigate (Android)  

Students should remember that appointments are not necessary for quick questions; Honors advisers strive to be available to answer such questions via e-mail, phone, or in person.