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Standout Summers

Ogden Honors science students find their passion through internships

Summer is winding down to a close, so it’s time to check in again with another set of Ogden Honors College students using their summer break to gain valuable professional experience.

Layah Khalif

Sophomore, biological engineering

Intern, St. Jude Medical, Neuromodulation Division; Plano, TX

Layah KhalifRising Ogden Honors College sophomore Layah Khalif is spending her summer working as an intern at St. Jude Medical in their Neuromodulation Division. Her day-to-day responsibilities change depending on her assignment, and she is often needed across various departments.  

“When I arrive, we have a team meeting right off the bat,but the majority of my day comes from doing testing in the lab,” Khalif said. “Any given day I also do a lot of work using Solidworks, an online software that allows you to create parts online to be 3D-printed later, which is what St. Jude Medical does before all their parts get sent to manufacturing and production.”

“The primary device being produced by St. Jude Medical is an Implantable Pulse Generator, or IPG,” Khalif continued. “This device is implanted under the skin on the lower back of patients who experience chronic pain. At the moment there are three major projects involving these IPGs.”

In addition to appreciating the work she’s doing with IPGs, Khalif is enjoying the opportunity to gain professional experience in a field she plans to work in after graduation. “I aspire to work with medical devices and that’s exactly what I am getting exposure to here.”

Megan Levine and Natalie Martin

Sophomores, coastal environmental science

Marine volunteers, Marine Dynamics Shark Tours; Cape Town, South Africa

Rising Ogden Honors College sophomores Megan Levine and Natalie Martin spent the Natalie&Megan1month of June working for Marine Dynamics Shark Tours, where they worked with marine biologists specializing in shark behavior and dolphin behavior. “On an average day,” Martin explained, “we worked on either the shark diving boat or occasionally the whale/eco tour boat. We also volunteered at the penguin sanctuary and learned to feed them.”

Levine and Martin were responsible for helping to gather data, answering questions from guests, entertaining guests, and helping with basic duties on the boat. In addition to gaining important work experience, they were able to learn from professionals in their anticipated fields.

“We heard some amazing lectures about shark tagging and its impacts, whale feeding behavior, shark migration patterns, penguin rehabilitation, and basic seamanship. I really can't stress enough how much we have learned this past month!” 

Both Levine and Martin highly recommend the program for students interested in marine life. “The amount of knowledge that the biologists have there is incredible,” Martin said. “It has helped me realize what I would like to do with my degree when I graduate.”

If you’re an Ogden Honors student interested in learning more about the tremendous internship opportunities available to you, or if you or your company would like to offer internships to Ogden Honors students, contact our Director of Career Development Cindy Seghers at