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Ogden Honors College Incoming Class Contributes to LSU’s Largest and Most Diverse Class

Ogden Honors College Incoming Class Contributes to LSU’s Largest and Most Diverse Class

Class of 2023 at Honors Welcome

LSU and the Ogden Honors College broke their record for the largest freshman class for the second year in a row this school year. While LSU saw an increase from 5,803 total students last year to 6,126 this year, the Ogden Honors College had a 6.3 percent increase with an incoming class of 789 students.

The Class of 2023 tout a mean ACT score of 31.6 and 3.792 GPA. In addition to being the most diverse class to date, the number of out-of-state students has increased 22.6 percent from last year.

“By every available metric, the incoming class of 2023 is superb,” Dean Jonathan Earle said. “It’s by far our largest class, and represents the top 13 percent of all LSU freshmen. The Ogden Honors College’s reach is, with each successive year, more national, and more impressive.”

In 2014, philanthropist Roger Houston Ogden’s 12-million-dollar gift to the Honors College opened doors for the college to advance in the field of higher education. In honor of his late father, Roger Hadfield Ogden, and his son, Roger Hadfield “Field” Ogden II, the donation remains the most tremendous unrestricted endowed gift in LSU’s history 

The endowment allowed for an expansion of resources and services in the Honors College, including the 2016 renovation of the French House, representing the state’s investment in high-achieving students from both inside and outside of Louisiana. The renovation included updated classrooms, student study halls and the restored and newly named Hans and Donna Sternberg Salon, all of which positively contribute to the academic immersion and success of each class of Honors College students.

“I believe the Honors College at LSU is the single best vehicle to keep our best and brightest in Louisiana, and to attract the best and brightest from other states to consider LSU for their undergraduate education,” Ogden said when he announced the endowment.

In its fifth year post-renovation, the French House continues to serve as a vehicle for success for the University’s most celebrated scholars, all while ensuring an even more extensive and successful incoming classes for years to come.

In addition to the renovated French House’s amenities attracting top students, scholarships are also a significant draw to the Ogden Honors College. In 2018, the Honors College expanded LSU scholarship programs by $150,000 through the Board of Supervisors.

“Generous donors have really helped us step up our scholarships for entering students – and you can really see the results.  We’re on offense, winning more and more of the outstanding students we’re going after,” Earle said.

To contribute to Ogden Honors College scholarship programs and help the Honors College continue to attract the nation’s brightest students, contact Miles Garrett, development director, at