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Ogden Honors College Holds Graduation Ceremony

95 students graduated from the Ogden Honors College
Ogden Honors College Holds Graduation Ceremony

Photo: Collin Richie

The Ogden Honors College graduated 95 students at its commencement exercises on Thursday, May 11. Sixty students were awarded College Honors, LSU’s highest graduation distinction, eight were awarded Upper Division Honors Distinction and ten were awarded Thesis Honors.

Ogden Honors College Dean Jonathan Earle welcomed Honors students and their parents to the ceremony and Provost Richard Koubek remarked on the outstanding achievements of the graduating class. Amanda Staiano, assistant professor at Pennington Biomedical Research Center and director of the Pediatric Obesity and Health Behavior Laboratory, delivered the keynote address. 

Staiano, who is an Ogden Honors alumna, shared how her Honors education prepared her for life after college.

“The Honors College helped me find my passion … I discovered the excitement and cool factor of doing scientific research,” Staiano said. “I discovered my passion for children’s health. And I discovered I could impact a larger population by doing scientific research that can be shared with parents, teachers and policymakers.”

In addition to offering advice to the graduates, Staiano encouraged them to be proud of their accomplishments at LSU.

“You are the best and brightest of Louisiana, and wherever you go, you represent this flagship university and our great state,” she said. “Carry this Ogden Honors College distinction and your LSU heritage with you wherever you go.”

Ogden Honors College students were recognized with a variety of distinctions and awards. Abbey Hotard and Blake Kruger received the Leo & Insa Abraham Outstanding Honors Senior Award and five students were recognized with the Honors College Outstanding Thesis Award:

  • Blake Michael Allen
    “The Right to Remain Silent: Kant and the Would-Be Murderer at the Door”
    Professor Husain Sarkar
  • Samuel Lewis Bonnie
    “Comprehensive Overview of Exchange Traded Funds, Their Place in Portfolio Construction, and a Short Term ‘Scale In’ Investment Strategy”
    Instructor Kurtay Ogunc
  • Lauren Grace Guillot
    “Nobody Knew Health Care Could Be So Complicated: 50 Years of Predictable Change in Public Policy Preferences”
    Assistant Professor Joshua Darr
  • Xiwei Shen
    “Play With Power- A City Park Along the Trinity River”
    Adjunct Professor David Watts
  • Irene Vargas-Salazar
    “Epoch, Latitude and Star Positions from Hipparchus' Commentary”
    Distinguished Professor Bradley Schaefer

A complete list of graduates is organized by academic distinction below:

Graduating with College Honors (includes Upper Division Honors Distinction and defended thesis):

Matthew Toups Adler, BS Marketing
“A Voz de Amatongas: The Voice of Amatongas”

April Michelle Ahmed, BA English
“Limbo: An Exploration of the Spaces Between”

Blake Michael Allen, BA Philosophy and History
“The Right to Remain Silent: Kant and the Would-Be Murderer at the Door”

Mikaela Shayn Allen, BA Philosophy
“Diversity and Development in Early Christian Gnostic Thought: An Analysis of Chaos, the Salvific Function of Humanity, and the True Nature of the Rulers in The Secret Book of John, The Nature of the Rulers, and On the Origin of the World

Kristen Nicole Barrett, BS Computer Science
“Computer Scientists in the Swamps: A Case Study and Examination of Computer Science Education in Louisiana” 

Sarah Elizabeth Bond, BS Biological Sciences
“Development of an in vivo Assay for Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase Using 1,3,6,8– Tetrahydroxynapthalene Synthase”

Samuel Lewis Bonnie, BS Finance
“Comprehensive Overview of Exchange Traded Funds, Their Place in Portfolio Construction, and a Short Term ‘Scale In’ Investment Strategy”

Sarah Alyssa Brantley, BS Biological Sciences
“Secrets of SINEs: the Story of Platy-1 Propagation in the Saimiri Lineage”

Lauren Aimee Carriere, BS Kinesiology
“The Development of Upper Limb Muscle Activity During Gait in Children”

Sarah Katelynn Corie, BA Sociology, LASAL Scholar
“The Persistence of Hunger: A Sociological Look at How and Why Food Insecurity Exists in the United States”

Ashley Michelle Curran, BS Biochemistry
“Uncovering Novel Interactions of the MEC1 DNA Damage Response Protein, Hug1”

Katherine Elizabeth Davis, BS Psychology
“Trauma, Resilience, and Alcohol Use Among College Students”

Kaelen Christine Delaune, BAMC Mass Communication
“A Study of the Effects of Inspirational Media” 

Eileen Elizabeth DeLeo, BA Political Science; BA Economics
“Unintended Consequences for TANF: An Incubator for Domestic Violence?”

Victoria G Donze, BS Kinesiology
“The Influence of Age, Foot Sensation, and Gaze Direction on Foot Placement During Goal-Directed Stepping”

Bonnie Jean Dupre, BA Communication Disorders
“Music and Memory: Effects on Language Quantity and Agitation in People with Dementia”

Joshua David Edwards, BS Microbiology
“Proteomic Analytical Viability of FFPE Preserved Tissue Using Laser Ablation-Capture and Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS)

Zachary A Faircloth, BA Political Science; BSEE Electrical Engineering
“America’s Equal Protection: Plessy’s Revival in Higher Education”

Giuseppe Daniel Feo, BSPETE Petroleum Engineering
“Quantitative Analysis of High Pressure Hazards in Oil & Gas Operations”

 Isabelle Anne Gizinski, BArch Architecture
“Sustainable Design in Louisiana: Cultural and Climatic Vernacular Approaches to Architecture”

Rachel Catherine Gravois, BS Finance
“LSU Students' Perceptions of and Reactions to the Declining Funding of the TOPS Program”

Lauren Grace Guillot, BAMC Mass Communication, LASAL Scholar
“Nobody Knew Health Care Could Be So Complicated: 50 Years of Predictable Change in Public Policy Preferences” 

Kevin William Hartline, BS Computer Science
“Implementing Spatial Symmetry in the Tensor Contraction Engine”

Aleshia Lexus Hector, BSChE Chemical Engineering, LASAL Scholar
“The Effects of Light Intensity on the Growth Kinetics of the Cyanobacteria Synechococcus elongatus and Synechocystis sp.”

 Katherine Stewart Henry, BS Biological Sciences; BS Management
“Urban Soils in Response to Flooding”

 Abbey Elizabeth Hotard, BSCES Coastal Environmental Science, LASAL Scholar
“Effects of Increased Sedimentation on Carbon Accumulation of Salt Marsh Benthic Biofilms”

Patrick Thomas Isacks, BA International Studies; BA History
“Fractured Europe”

John Christian Johnson, BS Biochemistry
“Searching for the Genetic Components Responsible for Salt-Induced Flowering in the Extremophyte Schrenkiella parvula

David Thomas Judd, BA Philosophy
“Projecting or Perceiving Values? The Blackburn-McDowell Debate”

 Nikka Yu Khorsandi, BS Biological Sciences
“Immunohistochemical Comparison of Retinal Cell Populations in an Aquatic Predator Species and a Terrestrial Prey Species that Share a Common Evolutionary Ancestor”

Blake Peter Kruger, BS Chemistry
“‘A Novel Kaposi’s Sarcoma Therapy:’ Plasmonic Nanoparticles for Light-Mediated Drug Delivery”

Lindsey Nicole Landry, BS Child and Family Studies
“Comparing Attitudes and Perceptions of Adolescent Mothers with Older Mothers”

 Travis Dean LeCompte, BS Computer Science; BSEE Electrical Engineering
“Sentiment Analysis of Tweets Including Emoji Data”

 Mahalie Elizabeth Lefranc, BA Sociology
“Did School Accountability Improve School Performance in Mid-Size Louisiana School Districts?”

 Nicholas Blase Leo, BS Finance
“St. John Publishing: ‘Living Books’ Education Resources for Catholic Families”

 Simon Gabriel Lorenzo, BS Physics
“Optimized Multilayered Thermal Emitters for Photovoltaic, Lighting, and Countermeasure Technologies”

 Joan Crockett Lyons, BAMC Mass Communication, LASAL Scholar
“Crisis Communication, Socio-Economic Inequalities, and Governmental Risk Management: Analysis of the 2016 Baton Rouge Floods”

 Margaret Louise Manning, BAMC Mass Communication
“Music, Campaigns, and the Law: Navigating the Legal Minefield of Presidential Campaign Music”

Shannon Elizabeth Matzke, BSCES Coastal Environmental Science
“Influence of Nutrient Availability and Sediment Supply on Productivity of Spartina patens

Elias Masakazu Medina, BA Political Science
“The Genealogy of the Right to Counsel—From Magna Carta to the American Constitution”

Taylor Lynne Millar, BS Biological Sciences
“Insights into STAT5 Biology”

Anneliese Kathleen Moore, BA Communication Disorders
“Gender-Related Differences in Child Speakers' Use of Nonmainstream English Forms”

 Madeline Elizabeth Munch, BA English LASAL Scholar
“Restorative Rhetoric and Community Action in Response to the 2016 Baton Rouge Flood”

Emily Marie Owen, BA History; BA French Studies
“‘Their decision, it didn't take place’: The Forced Sterilization of Native American Women in the United States”

Jacques Anton Petit, BAMC Mass Communication; BS Economics
“Knowing Where the Votes Are”

Catherine Margaret Pinas, BA Communication Disorders
“Can Individualized Music Reduce Agitation and Increase Meaningful Communication in Dementia Center Clients?”

Camille Inez Prejean, BS Biological Sciences
"Characterizing Two Bestrophin Mutants of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

 Evan Clayton Preslar, BS Computer Science
“Capturing Omni-Stereo Panoramas Within Unreal Engine 4” 

Victoria Sidener Primeaux, BA English: Literature; BA French Studies
“Rewriting Reality: The Interplay of Journalism and Literature in Mid-Twentieth Century America, France, and Mexico”

Jordan Skye Renschler, BS Biological Sciences
“Localization of the Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Receptor in Retinal Amacrine Cells”

Emily Ann Ribando-Gros, BS Mathematics
“The Elvis Problem: A Minimal Time Problem with Constant Dynamics”

Linda Anne Riley, BA English
“‘Whate’er I be”: The Body Liminal and the Permeable Limits of Sovereignty in Early Modern Drama”

Joshua Schwartzenburg, BS Biological Sciences
“Characterization of a Putative CCM transporter, CIA8, in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Using RNAi Knockdown Mutants”

Joseph Paul St. Cyr, BA English
“The Story of A Summer” 

Edward Alexander Thistlethwaite III, BSChE Chemical Engineering
“Modeling the Effects of Mass Transport on the Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 at Cu2O Surfaces”

Irene Vargas-Salazar, BS Physics
“Epoch, Latitude and Star Positions from Hipparchus' Commentary”

Elizabeth Julia Weltman, BA Sociology; BS Natural Resource Ecology and Management
“Fear of Campus Mass Shootings: Media Consumption and Attitudes towad werd Campus Firearm Policies”

Jon Colter Wilson, BSChE Chemical Engineering
“The Chiral Coefficient - Rapid Optimization of Plasmonic Circular Dichroism”

Avery Elizabeth Woodard, BAMC Mass Communication, LASAL Scholar
“A Content Analysis of Voter Fraud as Covered by the Digital Print Media During the 2016 Presidential Election”

Angela Yoon, BS Biological Sciences
“qPCR Amplification of Heat Shock Protein 70 in Hybrid and Pure Populations of Tigriopus californicus

Graduating with Upper Division Honors Distinction (includes defended thesis):

McKenzie Elizabeth Brandon, BS Natural Resource Ecology and Management
“Effects of Timber Harvest on Avian Abundance and Diversity”

Celia Marie Crifasi, BA History
“Recipe for Holiness: Civilizing Saints in Early Modern Spain”

Bryanna Rose Fields, BS Psychology
“The Effects of Reversibility as an Attribute in Decision Making”

Lauren Marie Leistman, BS Psychology
“Interpretation Biases in Trait Anxious Individuals After Exposure to a Stress Manipulation”

Cody Matthew Migliore, BS Kinesiology
“Comparison of the Kinematics and Muscle Responses During Obstacle Avoidance in People with Stroke”

Xiwei Shen, BLA Landscape Architecture
“Play With Power- A City Park Along the Trinity River”

Yen Ta Tan, BS Finance
“Bank Deregulation and Labor Market Outcome”

Renzi James Terrebonne, BArch Architecture
“Defining the Edge: Programming Louisiana's Working Coast” 

Graduating with Thesis Honors:

Margaret Grace Agosta, BS Biochemistry, LASAL Scholar
“Potential Effects of TFIIIC Binding to the RAD2 Promoter”

Camille Elena Boechler, BA Liberal Arts
“‘What About Hal?’: Imagining a Queer Physicality in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey” 

Elora Catherine Doskey, BS Chemistry
“Synthesis of β-Methyl-L-Cysteine as a Model for a β-Methyl-D-Cysteine Building Block for Incorporation into Microbisporicins”

Amanda Ann Holley, BA Communication Disorders
“Preschool Alphabet and Word Learning: Are Visual Representations Beneficial?”

Logan Christopher Kinamore, BS Biological Sciences
“Immune Response in the Mouse Cornea Elicited by Herpes Simplex Vaccine VC2” 

Victoria Marie Lulich, BS Microbiology, LASAL Scholar
“The Role of Human TRBP and PACT in RNAi-Mediated Antiviral Immunity and Exogenous RNAi Pathways in Caenorhabditis elegans” 

Charles Evan McMichael, BA Political Science, LASAL Scholar
“Populism in America: Disenfranchised Voters and the 2016 Election”

Alison Marie Mikes, BS Animal Science
“Development of a Transposon-Based Vector to Express Large Quantities of Factor VIII” 

Biagia Nicolette Rosinia, BS Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising
“Reformation: An Apparel Design Collection”

Shelby Alexandra Stewart, BS Psychology, LASAL Scholar
“Perceived Sleep Quality and Subjective Social Class as Predictors of Alcohol Consequences and Drinking Motivations in College Students”

Graduating as members in good standing of the Ogden Honors College:

Kristen Sarah Alevizon, BSEnvEg Environmental Engineering

Rhiannon Nicole Ballard, BS Management

Beatriz Victoria De Obaldia, BS Marketing

Chase Michael Doiron, BS Biological Sciences

Stanley Melchor Fuentes, BS Biological Sciences; BA Philosophy

Danica Evangelista Garcia, BS Microbiology

Sydney Kathleen Gordon, BS Psychology

Sarah Margaret Guidry, BA Sociology

Holly Elizabeth Kitziger, BS Kinesiology

Lucas Chad Lavoie, BS Physics

George Karl Owen, BS Mathematics

Sara Lynn Pendleton, BA English

Thang Hong Phan, BS Kinesiology

Valerie Erin Procell, BS Psychology

Jessica Elaine Seay, BS Biological Sciences 

Hunter Stephen Songy, BSGeol Geology

Terray Renell Warren, BS Biological Sciences