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New Scholarship Opportunity Available to Honors Students

Stamps Leadership Scholars to be chosen from LSU Honors College students
New Scholarship Opportunity Available to Honors Students

Thanks to the support of Penelope W. and E. Roe Stamps, the new Stamps Leadership Scholars program is the top scholarship opportunity available at LSU. [

Incoming students now have an elite scholarship opportunity available to them with LSU joining a select group of universities across the country in offering the Stamps Scholarship. Recipients of the scholarship will receive full cost of attendance for four years, plus a potential $14,000 for enrichment experiences, making the Penelope W. and E. Roe Stamps IV Leadership Scholars Awards program at LSU the top scholarship opportunity available at the university.

“Roe Stamps is a visionary higher education philanthropist,” said Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost John Maxwell Hamilton. “And this is a wonderful example why.  He is using his resources to make our best students even better.”

With funding for the scholarships provided by the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, the program is set to begin this fall.

“We are delighted to partner with such a prestigious university as LSU, and we are confident that the students will enjoy a remarkable experience,” said Roe Stamps. “We look forward to watching them succeed at LSU and after graduation.”

 As part of their studies at LSU, students selected as Stamps Leadership Scholars will be directed to resources that will help to cultivate each scholar’s:


·         Intellectual distinction through the completion of rigorous coursework, presentation of an honors thesis project, publication of original works, awards for research and superior communication skills across different media.

·         Initiative and commitment to service that is focused and shows depth of dedication to a cause(s) or idea(s); public service that is informed by broad knowledge of related issues and is driven by the scholar’s interests.

·         Leadership through positions in traditional campus and community organizations, founding original organizations, accomplishment in management of a project or initiative and evidence of reflection on leadership experiences.

·         Global knowledge through significant study abroad experiences, consideration of social, political, economic and cultural factors, developing proficient language skills and performing the role of a student ambassador.

·         Career exploration through internships (local, national and international) and undergraduate research.


Stamps Leadership Scholars will be chosen from the pool of students admitted to the LSU Honors College. The top candidates will be invited to compete for the Stamps Leadership Scholarships by submitting a description of their high school activities and achievements (academic and co-curricular); completing short essays that will give candidates the opportunity to display their experiences of and reflections on leadership and perseverance, scholarship, demonstrated and active involvement in service, and innovation; and participating in on-campus interviews led by an Honors College representative who will chair a selection committee composed of LSU faculty members.

Drew Lamonica Arms, LSU director of fellowship, will be the primary mentor for incoming Stamps Leadership Scholars. Using the resources offered by the Office of Fellowship Advising and the expertise of LSU’s internationally recognized faculty and staff, scholars will be encouraged to explore and embrace the unique educational opportunities afforded by this generous scholarship.

The Honors College Office of Fellowship Advising was created to assist students campus-wide in applying for prestigious national scholarships and fellowships, such as the Udall, Truman, Rhodes, Marshall, Gates, Mitchell, Soros and Goldwater awards. Students interested in applying for these and other scholarship opportunities should contact

Through a rich diversity of experiences, Stamps Leadership Scholars will be positioned to compete nationally for these types of fellowships as well as enrollment at the nation’s top graduate and professional schools.

The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation provides grants to universities and colleges to award generous merit scholarships to outstanding young people. Other universities that offer the Stamps Scholarship include Georgia Tech, University of Florida, University of Georgia, University of Maryland, University of Michigan and University of Southern California, among others.

For more information on the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, visit


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