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May 2021 Ogden Honors College Graduates

148 students graduate from the Ogden Honors College

One hundred and forty eight Ogden Honors College students graduated on Thursday, May 6. Sixty two students were awarded College Honors, LSU’s highest graduation distinction, which includes the Upper Division Honors Distinction.

A complete list of graduates is organized by academic distinction below:



Nicholas Hebert Adams, B.S. Entrepreneurship; B.S. Marketing
“The Warner Theater Business Plan”

Kenneth Carter Avanzino, B.S. Biological Sciences
“Evaluation of Two Artifacts Related with the Duration of RNA-Protein Immunoprecipitation Experiments”

Cora C Barhorst, B.A. History
“‘On Not Knowing Greek’: Classical Challenges and the Responses of Victorian Women of Ambition”

Samantha Leigh-Ann Beekman, B.A. International Studies; B.A.M.C. Mass Communication
“The Impact of Isolation and Quarantine Policy Strategy on the Prevention of
Covid-19 Transmission and Death: A Segmented Regression Analysis of Interrupted Time Series Data in Scandinavia and the American South”

Allison Benelli, B.S.C.E.S. Coastal Environmental Science; LASAL Scholar
“Decomposition Rates of Spartina alterniflora (Smooth Cordgrass) in Natural and Created Salt Marshes in Coastal Louisiana”

Katherine Gerard Beyer, B.A. Communication Disorders; LASAL Scholar
“Nonword Repetition in Spanish-English Bilingual Children”

Michael Bohnet, B.S.P.E. Petroleum Engineering
“Evaluation of Horizontal and Vertical Wells for Utilization in Carbon Sequestration”

Jacob D Breaux, B.S. Psychology; B.A. History
“Payday Myopia: The Effects of Income Receipt on Risk-Taking and Decision Making”

Emily Anne Brown, B.S. Microbiology
“Investigating the Origins of Facultative Heterotrophy in Cyanobacteria”

Kayla D Brown, B.S. Psychology
“Incidental Emotions and Their Effects on Decision-Making Tasks”

Miranda Ashley Campbell, B.A. Political Science; B.A. Sociology; LASAL Scholar
“The Effects of Increasing the Number of Voting Members on Parole Panels: A Case Study of LA Act 604 of 2018”

Alexandra Rose Chetty, B.I.S. Interdisciplinary Studies; B.S. Biochemistry
“The Importance of Therapist-Client ‘Matching’ on Client Experiences”

Madeline McKenzie Connelly, B.A. Political Science
“Exploring the Electoral Impact of Sexual Scandal on Four Recent Political Candidates: Cal Cunningham, Donald Trump, David Vitter, and Bill Clinton”

Thomas Davis Curry, B.S. Chemistry
“Reversing the Regioselectivity of Indole Addition to Cyclic Unsymmetrical Oxyallyl Cations: Construction of Diaryl Quaternary Centers”

Wennifer Caela Donald, B.A.M.C. Mass Communication
“Walk a Mile in My Shoes: The Disadvantage that Lies at the Intersection of Race and Gender through the Lens of Kamala Harris”

Abigail Elizabeth Dorow, B.A. Spanish; LASAL Scholar
“Social Determinants of Health: Analyzing Access Barriers in Healthcare for Hispanic/Latinx Immigrants in East Baton Rouge Parish”

Noel Dudeck, B.S. Mathematics; B.S. Physics; LASAL Scholar
“Waves, Mixing, and Resuspension in an Urban Subtropical Lake:
Restoration Implications”

Margaret Duplantier, B.S. Psychology
“Measuring College Students’ Dependency on E-Cigarettes and Perceptions Using a Behavioral Economics Model”

Abigail Ezell, B.S.I.E. Industrial Engineering
“Levels of Automation: Current and Future Research”

Eric Steven Forbes, B.A. English; B.S. Accounting
“The LDOE’s Innovative Assessment Pilot: Bridging or Widening the Gap?”

Elizabeth Ashton Gilly, B.A. English; B.A. History
“’Borne Back Ceaselessly into the Past’: Iterations of the Sublime in William Wordsworth, Mary Shelley, and Virginia Woolf”

Taylor Goss, B.A. Music; B.S. Entrepreneurship; LASAL Scholar
“Composing Activism: Case Studies in Artist Advocacy”

Jackson C Green, B.S. Biological Sciences
“Oxytocin Receptor Expressing Cells in the Mouse Retina”

Megan Alyssa Guilbeau, B.S. Biochemistry
“The Effect of [Ca2+] on Reducing the Impacts of Salt Stress in Plant Growth Using a Stress Sensitive Model, Arabidopsis thaliana, and a Stress Adapted Model”

Kelsie Anne Guzik, B.A. French
“Ceci n’est pas qu’une Banane: French Underdevelopment and Green Imperialism in the ‘Island of Beautiful Waters’”

John Anderson Abbott Harris, B.A. History; LASAL Scholar
“All Things to All Men: Catholic Social Teaching in Reaction to Anti-Catholicism in Late Nineteenth-Century France and Germany”

Madison Hasenkampf, B.S.Ev.E. Environmental Engineering
“An Economic and Ecological Analysis of Three Land Building Approaches Using Mississippi River Sediment”

Elizabeth Helm, B.S. Biochemistry
“Purification of Rpl-135”

Elise Katherine Hernandez, B.S. Biological Sciences
“The Physiological Effect of Dietary Exposure to Microplastics in Fish Species: A Literature Review and Novel Polylactic Acid Project Proposal”

Kara E Hobbs, B.S. Psychology
“The Functional Role of Eye Movements during the Formation of Relational and
Item Memories”

Arden Hooper, B.A. Political Science and International Studies; B.A. Spanish
“Human Rights as a Means to Peace: Why the UN Security Council Should Lead on Human Rights”

John Adam Howe, B.S.B.E. Biological Engineering; LASAL Scholar
“Development and Mechanical Characterization of a Composite Biomaterial Made from Agricultural Waste Reinforcement in a Fungal Mycelium Matrix”

Jennifer Faith Johnson, B.S.W. Social Work; LASAL Scholar
“The Benefits and Barriers to Receiving Medication-Assisted Treatment Inside and Outside of Prison and its Implications for Louisiana”

Sarah Renee Johnson, B.S. Information Systems and Decision Sciences
“Choosing ISDS as a Major: Predictive Analysis”

Madeleine M Juneau, B.Arch. Architecture
“Rainwater Catchment Systems: How Designers Can Utilize Architectural Strategies to Improve Water Access”

Henry J Kantrow, B.S.Ch.E. Chemical Engineering
“Controlling the Orientation of Fluorescent Dyes Using External Electric Fields”

Janna Lynne Kelly, B.F.A. Studio Art
“Digital Art Application to Music Videos”

Dara H Khosravi, B.S. Biochemistry
“Construction of E. Coli Strain with N-Terminal Domain Deletion in Biotin Carboxyl Carrier Protein”

Alexander Pete Landry, B.S. Biochemistry; B.S. Chemistry
“Oleoyl CoA Inhibition of Complex II-Dependent Respiration in Embryos of Artemia franciscana: Possible Contributor to Metabolic Arrest during Diapause”

Tamra Manfredo, B.S. Accounting
“A Qualitative Description and Analysis of
Software Applications Used by Accountants”

Naomi C Mareschal, B.Arch. Architecture
“Understanding Ephemeral Architecture”

Rachel E Mipro, B.A. English
“Tombs or Sanctuaries: Convent-Coded Spaces in Middlemarch and Villette”

Emily Munch, B.S. Natural Resource Ecology & Management; LASAL Scholar
“Bat Species Composition and Relative Activity Across a Rural-to-Urban Gradient in Baton Rouge, Louisiana”

Shelby Myers, B.A. History; B.A. International Studies
“Franz Delitzsch, the Jewish Jesus, and the Pattern of History: A Nineteenth-Century Dialogue About Christians and Jews in Germany”

Angelle Renee Naquin, B.S. Microbiology; LASAL Scholar
“Utilization of Recombinant Viruses and in Silico Protein-Protein Interactions to Investigate the Role of Herpes Simplex Type-1 (HSV-1) US9, gK, and UL20 Proteins in Virion Assembly and Egress”

Grace Huyen Nguyen, B.S.B.E. Biological Engineering
“Velocity Distribution and Stress Analysis in a Continuous Exchange Cell-Free Protein Synthesis System”

Ivan Dinh Nguyen, B.S. Biochemistry
“Expression and Purification of Mitochondrial Group 3 LEA Protein, AfrLEA3m_29, from Diapause Embryos of Artemia franciscana”

Gabriel Joseph Olivier, B.A. Political Science; B.A. Economics
“Lawmaker Communication on Twitter by Race and Gender of Lawmaker”

Marie Clare Plunkett, B.A. Liberal Arts

“Menander’s Arbitration: From Pieces to Performance,

Katelyn Michelle Prescott, B.A. Liberal Arts; B.A.M.C. Mass Communication

“The Martyrdom and Monster-ization of the Mujahideen in the American Christian Mind”

Sarah Michelle Procopio, B.A.M.C. Mass Communication; LASAL Scholar
“Defusing Polarization: The Politics of Medicaid Expansion in Louisiana”

Keyla Nicole Pruett, B.S. Natural Resource Ecology & Management
“Mitochondrial DNA Genetic Variation and Structure in Smalltooth Sawfish
(Pristis pectinata)”

Karli Sassone, B.S. Kinesiology
“Application of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) to
Artistic Gymnastics”

Estelle Elizabeth Seghers, B.S.Ch.E. Chemical Engineering
“Plant-Wide Control System Proposal of Ethylene Cracking Plant Simulation”

Brooklyn Marie Squiers, B.S. Biological Sciences
“Designing and Evaluating the Utility of Novel Primers for the Detection of an Emerging Fungal Disease of Soybean”

Sam H Stewart, B.A. Political Science
“United States' Education and the Creation of the Neoliberal Subject”

Amy S Taylor, B.S. Animal Sciences
“Effect of Kisspeptin-10 on Glucose-Induced Insulin Secretion in Equines”
Assistant Professor Erin Oberhaus

Maddie Tinsley, B.A. History; B.A. Political Science; LASAL Scholar
“Representations of Slavery at Louisiana Plantation Museums: Observations and Proposals for Change”

George Frederick Villaume, B.S. Computer Science
“Integration and Analysis of Gaze Behavior in Augmented Reality”

Ian Nicholas Vinet, B.A. History
“The Handiwork of William Morris”

Macy Savannah West, B.F.A. Studio Art
“A Studio Manifesto”

Noah J Willsea, B.S. Plant and Soil Systems; B.A. Philosophy
“Restoration Agriculture in Louisiana: On the Prospects and Ethics of Creating a Permanent, Dynamic Agricultural System Suited for Louisiana’s Environment”

Jennafer Zimmerman, B.S.I.E. Industrial Engineering; LASAL Scholar
“Lean Implementation in an Aquatic Cryopreservation Laboratory”



Erin Necla Alpandinar, B.A. Sociology and Political Science
“The Effects of Police Officer Ideology on Opinions of Marijuana Legalization, Decriminalization, and Medical Marijuana”

Carrie Cole, B.A.M.C. Mass Communication
“Knock Knock, Who's There?: Communications in Closed Environments with a Special Focus on Vietnam POWs”

Lexie Jenae Duhon, B.S. Psychology
“Social Comparisons in Those with Borderline Personality Disorder Traits: Merging Social Comparison Theory and Social Cognition in Borderline Personality Disorder”

Justin Isaiah Franklin. B.A.M.C. Mass Communication
“Understanding the Story Behind the Story: A Comparative Textual Analysis of Newspaper Coverage Following Mob Violence in 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma and 2020 Minneapolis, Minnesota” 

Drake Fromenthal, B.A. Sociology
“A Study of the Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on College Student Academic Dishonesty”

Maya Lynette Hughes, B.S. Sport Administration
“The Career Transitions of High-Profile Athletes: Role Engulfment, Psychological Well-Being, and Human Actualization”

Peter Pierre Issa, B.S. Biological Sciences
“Baculovirus Translocation through Maize: Examining a Novel Route for Insect Herbivore Infection”

Layni Kirsten LeBlanc, B.S. Animal Sciences
“Parasite Prevalence in Marsh Rice Rats (Oryzomys palustris) on Sites Affected By the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill”

Oleksandr Maksymovych Molchanov, B.S. Physics
“Machine Learning Approach to Pattern Recognition in Nuclear Dynamics from the Ab Initio Symmetry-Adapted No-Core Shell Model”

Mary M Oliver, B.I.D. Interior Design
“LGBTQ+ Youth Homeless Shelter: Challenging Perceptions and Interactions with the Built Environment”

Tyler D Scott, B.A. Sociology; B.A. Geography
“Assessing Spatial Inequality and Cultural Capital in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana”

Jordon Grace Williams, B.S. Accounting
“The Influence of Emotions on the Application of Professional Skepticism: An Examination of Accounting Students’ Perspectives”

Meredyth McCallum Yorek, B.F.A. Studio Art
“A Whole New World: Creating a Digital Environment for Musical Entertainment”



Tivon Eugene, B.S. Biological Sciences
“The Synchrony of Pathogen Events”

Tai Leilani Lambert, B.S. Psychology
“The Emotional Deficits Associated with Traits Present in Primary and Secondary Psychopathy in Youth”

Lydia Camille Rewerts, B.S. Biochemistry
“The Investigation of Young, Lineage Specific Alu Elements in the Owl Monkey (Aotus)”

Julia B Sanders, B.A. Communication Disorders
“Listeners’ Perception of Children and Adult’s Word-Final /l/”

Sarah Grace Schorr, B.S. Biological Sciences; LASAL Scholar
“The Association of Sickle Cell Disease and Depression”

Khanh Vu, B.S. Geography
“Industrial Emission Patterns: A Study of Two Refineries in Louisiana”

Isabelle Zoch, B.F.A. Studio Art
“Jazz Art: Flow Psychology and the Individual Creative Process”



Amelia R Aleman Hernandez, B.I.D. Interior Design

Amber Bardarson, B.S. Biological Sciences

Ashley Elizabeth Belcher, B.S. Finance

Finn Moore Bicknell, B.S. Mathematics

John M Blackwell III, B.A. English

Brea Lynne Bonin, B.S. Biochemistry

Alexis G Booe, B.S. Biological Sciences

Madeline Harris Burk, B.A. Communication Disorders

Caroline Xishuang Chastant, B.A. English

Daniel Zean Cheng, B.A. Music

Kwon Choi, B.A. Music

Roy Cobb III, B.S. Psychology

Brittany Rochelle Collins, B.S. Biological Sciences

Abigail Anne Crabtree, B.S. Computer Science

Katelynn David, B.S. Microbiology

Taylor E Dejean, B.S. Biological Sciences

Jennie Marie Delatte, B.A. English

Elise I Diebold, B.A. Political Science

Heather Elise Edwards, B.S. International Trade and Finance; B.S. Marketing

Erin Fontenot, B.S. Biological Sciences

Emery Gilly, B.S. Kinesiology

Patsy Graham, B.S.W. Social Work

Breanna Guidry, B.A. English; B.A.M.C. Mass Communication

Taylor Grace Hale, B.A. Communication Disorders

Taylor Lauren Halsey, B.S. Marketing

Sophie Claire Hobbs, B.S. Psychology

Caroline M Hughs, B.S. Kinesiology

Corey Ingersoll, B.A. Economics; B.A. Political Science

Nicholas Todd Jones, B.S. Biological Sciences

Shekinah Simone Jordan, B.S. Biological Sciences

Katlyn Ann Joubert, B.S. Biological Sciences

Avery Legendre, B.S. Marketing

Kristin Barbara Lonsberry, B.S. Kinesiology

Maggie McMichael, B.A. English

Leah E McPhearson, B.S. Child & Family Studies

Cameron Mulrooney, B.A. International Studies; B.A. Political Science; B.I.S. Interdisciplinary Studies

Jackson B Munsell, B.I.S. Interdisciplinary Studies

Nhung Ngo, B.S. Biological Sciences

Joshua Thanhtu Nguyen, B.S. Chemistry

Tuan Duc Matthew Nguyen, B.Arch. Architecture

Emily K O'Brien, B.S. Biological Sciences

Jaime Pellicero Calvo, B.S. Biological Sciences

Desiree Denesha Perkins, B.A. English and Sociology

Haley A Pettingill, B.S. Psychology

Matthew S Pinchback, B.A. French

 Catherine Elisabeth Raggio, B.S. Biological Sciences

Lindsey Hope Ramos, B.S. Biological Sciences

Victoria Carmen Rittell, B.S. Biochemistry

Hope Caroline Robinson, B.S.W. Social Work

Barsha Shrestha, B.S. Biological Sciences

Gabriel Holt Sigl, B.S. Management

Shane Strander, B.S. Computer Science

Jeffrey M Tepper, B.S. Computer Science; B.S. Mathematics

Mary Thomas, B.S. Psychology

Gabriella Alea Townsley, B.S. Physics; B.S. Mathematics

Mallory Ashton Von Lotten, B.S. Sport Administration

Sophie Mae Wall, B.S. Finance

Taylor Elaine Washington, B.S. Biological Sciences

Foster A Willie, B.A. Political Science