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Inspiring Interns

Three Ogden Honors students talk about what they’re doing this summer

It’s summer break here at LSU, and the Ogden Honors campus is fairly quiet. That’s because Ogden students are currently scattered to the four corners of the earth, pursuing internships, service trips, and study abroad adventures. We recently caught up with three Honors students to hear more about what they’re up to this summer.  

Victoria PrimeauxVictoria Primeaux

Junior, English

Development Intern at the LSU Museum of Art, Baton Rouge, LA

Rising Ogden Honors College junior and English major Victoria Primeaux is spending her summer break working as a development intern at the LSU Museum of Art. In this role, she assists in the museum’s ongoing effort to raise more than 60% of its operating budget through charitable donations. Primeaux’s day-to-day responsibilities include researching potential donors and sources for funding for the museum, and helping the museum’s Director of Advancement, Sarah Cortell Vandersypen, to draft giving proposals. “As an English major, one of my concentrations is writing and culture,” Primeaux explained. “So this work really applies to that concentration, as it strengthens my rhetorical skills.”

Primeaux was originally pointed toward the internship by Ogden Honors College Director of Career Development Cindy Seghers. “Working in this capacity allows me to explore opportunities for careers in museums and non-profits,” Primeaux said. “Because of their robust art education program, being at the LSU Museum of Art has given me insight not only into grant writing—I’m learning about the ways that arts, culture, and education mesh with each other.” Beyond developing her writing skills, Primeaux is also absorbing some broader insights from her work. “I’m hoping to learn more about the inner workings of non-profits,” Primeaux said, “and to witness their tangible effects within the community.”

William Taylor PotterTaylor Potter

Sophomore, Mass Communications

Reporting Intern at The Delaware News Journal; Wilmington, DE

Rising Ogden Honors College sophomore Taylor Potter is spending his summer in Wilmington, DE, working as an intern and reporter for the Delaware News Journal. As a Mass Communications major and a reporter for The Daily Reveille, Potter says this internship is “falls right in line with what I want to do with my life. They don’t treat me as an intern, and that’s probably the best part,” he explained. “I’m held up to the same standards as the other reporters.” His responsibilities change depending on the “beat” to which he is assigned each day. “Some days, for example, I’ll work the cops desk,” Potter explained. “I listen to the police scanner and write stories on any reports I get from local law enforcement. I might go out to the scene and report on the situation. I research story ideas, set up meetings with sources, and conduct interviews.”

“I’ve always loved writing about sports,” he continues, “but I’ve been exposed to a lot of different types of writing over the past few months.  So far, I’ve written for sports, business, crime, food, and feature. My favorite thing I’ve covered at this point has been the Miss Delaware Pageant.”

He found out about the internship from Mass Communications Professor Jay Shelledy, with whom Potter took two courses during his first year at LSU. Potter hopes ultimately to become an editor for a major publication, and pursued the internship to gain some hands-on experience working in print media. “I wanted to see how well I could work in an actual newsroom,” he said. “It’s very hectic and stressful, but I’m adapting. I’m on my own, and it’s a challenge, but I think it’s good preparation for my career.” He gives credit for some of his success thus far to his teachers at LSU. “All the Honors professors I’ve had have been so helpful in teaching me the skills I need to flourish—and in showing me opportunities to do so." 

Alexandra Willisalexawillis.crop.jpg

Senior, Computer Science

Intern at Electronic Arts (EA) Capital Games East studio; Austin, TX

This summer, rising Ogden Honors College senior and Computer Science major Alexandra Willis is working at Capital Games East, a mobile gaming design studio in Austin, Texas. As a software engineering intern, Willis spends her days writing code to help build the studio’s latest game. “Working at a video game studio is basically my dream job, so this internship is an excellent opportunity for my career plans,” Willis said. “I’m getting to learn a lot about the software development process and about the game industry at the big publisher level.” 

Willis originally learned of the internship when Electronic Arts (the gaming company that owns Capital Games East) held a recruiting event at the Digital Media Center on LSU’s campus. She’s hoping that the experience will help her to refine her specific post-graduation career goals, and give her insight into what kind of role she’d like to play in the game-creation process. “The studio I work for right now is fairly diverse, but the game industry in general has a serious lack of woman, especially in engineering,” Willis said. “I want to be a part of a movement that changes that. I want to be a force of innovation in this industry.” 

“Creating a video game combines so many different disciplines—art, programming, music, even psychology—and being a well-round person is critical for being a leader of people with so many different skills,” Willis concluded. “My strong background in liberal arts and my communication skills, both of which I gained through being an Honors student, are going to aid me in achieving these goals.”