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Honors College Theater Night Presents Pride & Prejudice

Honors Students invited to Swine Palace’s performance of a Jane Austen classic

On Thursday, February 16, residents of West Laville and Acadian will be treated to the Swine Palace production of Pride and Prejudice, adapted by Joseph Hanreddy and J. R. Sullivan of New York’s Pearl Theatre Company. Period costumes, beautiful settings, and the proper accents of the time draw the audience back several centuries to Austen’s time when wealth — and rarely love — determined marriage. 

To bring the story from the pages of a book to the hard floor and bright lights, the actors make full use of the stage as they portray Austen’s colorful characters.  Letters make frequent appearances in Austen’s novel, and in this production, they are creatively rendered on stage to emphasize the emotional engagement between the letter’s author and its recipient.  

Dr. Granger Babcock, Associate Dean of the Honors College, said that the purpose of the Theater Night is to get students engaged in the arts and to bring the Honors community together. 

"It's a difficult process to adapt a novel to a staged play, because you are taking one genre and turning it into something else," he said. "Acting is completely different than reading a novel.  But I really like theater night, because ... you can go to the theater and forget about everything for a while." 

Following the production, there will be a discussion session with the actors and led by the director, George Judy.

Residents of West Laville and Acadian can sign up for free tickets at the West Laville front desk and pick them up at 7PM, Thursday night, before leaving for the Shaver Theatre.  

For all other Honors students, tickets can be acquired on the Swine Palace website ( or by calling the box office at (225) 578-3527.  All Honors students are invited to gather at West Laville before heading over to the performance.