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Honors College Students Contribute to LSU’s Historic Rise

Honors College students, whether entering the university or graduating from it, help LSU reach historic accomplishments.

The University attained the highest graduation rate in its history, and top students in the Honors College gave their best to support that success.  The good news continues to come, as LSU also brought in one of its largest incoming classes while maintaining high standards of academic quality.  

The Honors College 2012 freshman class, the largest in College history, posted record numbers. Their ACT composite average was 31, and their average high school GPA was a 3.75. Not surprisingly, over 60% of these freshmen graduated in the top 10% of their high school.

Their success continues at LSU, with 85% graduating in six years* giving the Honors College the highest graduation rates in the state.  And after graduation, Honors College students continue to excel in graduate school, medical and law school, in public service careers and in the business world.

“The supportive and challenging educational environment at LSU draws the best students to our campus,” said Dean Nancy Clark.  “Honors College students are proud to be part of the LSU community, working hard to meet and exceed the university’s highest goals.”

* Students who transfer to another institution are considered non-graduating for this figure.