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Honors College Move-In Day

LSU Honors College students returned to the residence halls on campus, including the newly-renovated West Laville

Hundreds of new and returning Honors College students moved into the on-campus residence halls and apartments during LSU's annual Roaring into the halls event. 

This year, 2250 LSU students moved into the residence halls, including the newly renovated West Laville, which houses about 300 Honors students. More than 500 volunteers — nearly 100 more than last year — assisted students in moving their belongings and settling in. 

"We had 30 Honors student volunteers in addition to the regular campus-wide volunteers," said Mark Dochterman, Student Activities Coordinator for the Honors College. "Several incoming students commented (on) how they were prepared for disaster and were amazed by the help they received while moving in."

Dochterman said the large number of volunteers greatly expedited the process.

"I would estimate that, on average, from the time a person pulled up to the building until ... they had checked in, gotten their key, unloaded their belongings, moved everything to their room, and moved the car to the reserve parking lot was approximately 25 minutes," he said.

Roaring into the Halls marked the start of Bengal Bound, LSU's official welcome week organized by First Year Experience. After moving in, students had a chance to participate in a wide variety of activities, including meet and greets, giveaways, and Q&A sessions to make themselves feel at home on campus after saying their goodbyes.

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