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Honors College in South Africa

LSU Honors Launches First-Ever Summer Study Trip

This summer, the Honors College will launch its first summer study trip to South Africa. This program will expose students to the history, culture, and current situation in South Africa through Honors courses as well as hands-on service work in two South African communities, one urban and one rural.


The program will be anchored by two week-long stays, in Cape Town at the Red Hill informal settlement, and in St Lucia at a rural African community. There, students will work in community service projects, focusing especially on one-on-one work with children. This will be an opportunity for the students to experience and to understand the impact of the history and heritage of apartheid for contemporary South Africa, and also to develop a close understanding of the hopes and aspirations of disadvantaged individuals in South Africa through their personal interactions.


We will visit sites relating to the academic objectives of the trip — gaining an understanding of the history and contemporary impact of racial discrimination and apartheid in South Africa. Such excursions will include visits to political sites important in the history of apartheid (e.g. Robben Island, District Six, the Apartheid Museum, Soweto), historic sites (battlefields of the 19th century such as Isandhlwana, walking tour of Cape Town including the Malay Quarter), places of economic importance in the history of the country (Cullinan diamond mine underground and a gold mine underground), and environmental sites such as Kosi Bay, one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites along with adjoining St Lucia, and an area marked by ongoing contestations about the ownership of land in the aftermath of apartheid.