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Honors College Hosts Student Organizational Fair

Fair Promotes Involvement in Honors Organizations
Honors College Hosts Student Organizational Fair

Honors College Advocates interact with students at the 2012 Organizational Fair.

The Honors College recently hosted a Student Organizational Fair in the Laville Honors House to promote involvement in Honors student organizations. Members from the five different Honors student organizations discussed the benefits of becoming an active participant in the Honors community. Students at the fair spoke to representatives of the different organizations and learned about the rewarding experiences available.

The Honors College has five affiliated student organizations: Honors Student Council (HCSC), Honors College Advocates, Focusing on College and Unlimited Success (FOCUS), The Fusion Review, and the Laville Community Council.

The Honors College Student Council serves to promote the interests and welfare of the Honors College. The Council also provides social, cultural, and educational opportunities for the students of the Honors College.  

Honors College Advocates offer an outlet for students with leadership capacity. Advocates recruit academically motivated high school students, assist incoming freshmen with the transition to college life, and promote the Honors College and its services.

Focusing on College and Unlimited Success (FOCUS) remains one of the most popular organizations within the Honors College. FOCUS members create every aspect of a two-week summer camp designed to immerse high-achieving high school students, from under-resourced public schools, in arts and humanities commonly cut from the K-12 curriculum.

The Fusion Review is the recently restored Louisiana State University Honors College Literary Magazine. As an organization, Fusion promotes the arts in all forms, from hosting poetry slams to providing workshop opportunities for artistically inclined students. The Fusion Review also produces an annual online publication of students' original work, including creative writing, essays, and art.

The Laville Community Council allows students to give back to their on-campus community. The Council represents and serves the residents of Laville Honors House by providing academic, cultural, political, social, civic, and leadership development for all residents within the community.

More than 50 students flocked to the fair. Freshman Adam Beyer said of FOCUS that he “definitely plans on looking into it next summer because it seems like it would be really fun.”

Another fair-goer, Freshman Daniel DiMarco, commented on the welcoming atmosphere of the college.

“I enjoyed that the Honors College is really all of these organizations in and of themselves,” he said. “It’s nice to feel more of a community within a community.”