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Honors College Hosts Five-Part ArtHouse Film Series

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This semester, the Honors College is offering its students a chance to watch five classic “art” films during its first-ever ArtHouse Film Series. 

Linked to the learning objectives of HNRS 2021: Thinking about Art, the film series is part of Honors Life, an Honors-wide initiative that features co-curricular student experiences designed to emphasize that what happens outside the classroom is as fundamental to the Honors experience as academics. 

“Cultural experience is a major component of Honors Life,” said William G. Osborne III, Honors College Director of Curriculum Development who teaches Thinking About Art. “The film series is an extension of classroom learning.”

Osborne said that the film series, which is free and open to all Honors students, seeks to replicate the art house film experience of the fifties, sixties, and seventies within the Honors residence hall.

“In the fifties and sixties, what we would now call alternative or indie films started showing up – primarily foreign films,” he said.  “These had much more artistic sensibility than mainstream Hollywood movies, so they attracted intellectuals and artists; you can imagine students getting cups of coffee and watching subtitled art films together.”

The first two Tuesdays featured classic films directed by Kurosawa and Fellini, and the remaining three nights will showcase the films of Girard (10/11), Aronofsky (10/18), and Herzog (11/1). 

Each of the five films reinforces the weekly themes of the Thinking About Art course, and members of the class lead post-film discussions to provide an interpretive framework for understanding the film in terms of art theories and philosophies. 

All films are shown Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in the West LaVille lobby, with free food and drinks for attendees.