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Four LSU Students Nominated for 2019 Goldwater Scholarship

Students Recognized for Cutting-Edge Research
Four LSU Students Nominated for 2019 Goldwater Scholarship

Katie Davis, Jack Green, Peter Howard, Syed “Akbar” Zamin

LSU has nominated four students for the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship. Katie Davis, Jack Green, Peter Howard and Syed Akbar Zamin will compete with students from universities across the country to be named 2019 Goldwater Scholars. Students must be selected through an internal competition at LSU in order to compete for the scholarship. 

“These outstanding LSU undergraduates are exactly what the Goldwater Scholarship was designed for: producing the best researchers in critical fields,” said LSU Ogden Honors College Dean Jonathan Earle. “It’s a testament to the great work our students are producing in our campus’s labs and classrooms."

Goldwater Scholars are awarded one- and two-year $7,500 stipends to pursue undergraduate research in the fields of mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering. To apply for the scholarship, students must submit a research essay that demonstrates their interest and ability in these fields. Goldwater Scholarships are widely considered one of the most prestigious undergraduate awards available to students of the STEM disciplines.

Katie Davis, of Frisco, Texas, is a junior Stamps Scholar studying wildlife ecology in the LSU College of Agriculture and Spanish in the LSU College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Under the direction of Dr. Sabrina Taylor, Davis is investigating an anecdotally reported range expansion and contraction of the species Bachman's Sparrow in the early 20thcentury and comparing it to studies of the Field Sparrow. This research may inform the habitat needs of Bachman's Sparrow, a near-threatened species, and contribute to a further understanding of how genetically based variation in personality relates to species distribution. After graduation, Davis plans to pursue a PhD in Conservation Biology. 

“The Ogden Honors College provided me with the funding, support and encouragement to engage in research through the President's Future Leaders in Research program,” Davis said. “In Dr. Taylor's lab, I have an extraordinarily supportive group of friends and mentors. Dr. Taylor, in addition to encouraging me to undertake a large project for my Honors thesis, has offered career counseling, made professional connections, and written at least a dozen reference letters for me.”

Jack Green, of Monroe, Louisiana, is a sophomore studying Cell Biology in the LSU College of Science. His research in Dr. Ryoichi Teruyama’s lab focuses on the study of oxytocin receptors and their expression in mouse retina, which have revealed a sexual dimorphism in the mice retina. After graduation, Green plans to pursue a combined MD/PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience. 

“I have loved my experience so far at LSU,” Green said. “The students, faculty, and environment have helped to push me while also encouraging me. My research has opened doors for me through networking, which was possible through all of the help that the Ogden Honors College gave me. I started research as a freshman, and it has allowed me to meet my peers in science and my mentor. The Honors College helped encourage me to do research, which has and will continue to benefit me throughout my career.”

Peter Howard, of New Orleans, Louisiana, is a sophomore Stamps Scholar studying Chemical Engineering in the LSU College of Engineering. Under the director of Dr. Bhuvnesh Bharti, Peter’s research focuses on the fabrication of micron-scale ellipsoidal particles to understand how these particles assemble spontaneously and develop a quantitative model to predict that behavior using kinetic and statistical analysis. After graduation, Howard intends to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering.

“Ever since coming in as a freshman I have loved this campus community and all its moving parts: from cutting-edge research, challenging coursework, and pulse-pounding LSU Tiger football,” Howard said. “On top of the benefits an engineering degree provides me, I have been able to take part in a research project focused on the synthesis and self-assembly of polystyrene particles under the guidance of Dr. Bhuvnesh Bharti. Through the Ogden Honors College I was able to connect with Dr. Bharti before my first semester as a part of the President’s Future Leaders in Research program. My work on this project has helped me to learn about the intricacies and limitation of colloidal research, and it has allowed me to develop my laboratory techniques in preparation for the pursuit of my PhD in the field.”

Syed Akbar Zamin, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a junior studying Biomedical Engineering in the LSU College of Engineering. Under the leadership of Dr. Myungwoong Kim and Dr. Jangwook Jung, Zamin’s research focuses on the characterization of a new biomaterial of collagen-lignin. Lignin has the ability to modulate mechanical properties without creating the issues of cytotoxicity and immunogenicity. After graduation, Zamin plans to pursue a combined MD/PhD in Biomedical Engineering.

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation

Congress established the Barry Goldwater Scholarship in 1986 to honor Senator Barry Goldwater, who served his country for 56 years as a soldier and statesman, including 30 years in the U.S. Senate. The scholarship was designed to alleviate a critical, current and future shortage of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians and engineers.

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The Ogden Honors College Office of Fellowship Advising advises current students and recent graduates from all colleges at LSU as they apply for prestigious national and international fellowships. Students interested in applying for the Goldwater Scholarship may contact Drew Lamonica Arms, director of the Office of Fellowship Advising, at

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