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Donor Spotlight: Beau and Natalie Fournet

Immediate-Use Gift Funds Fournet Scholarship for Incoming Freshmen
Donor Spotlight: Beau and Natalie Fournet

Beau and Natalie Fournet with their six children

High school sweethearts Beau and Natalie Fournet had deep ties to LSU growing up, and after graduating from the university both knew they wanted to do what they could to improve the school they loved. They chose to do so by investing in the “brightest students with the greatest ambitions.”

Beau graduated from what is now the LSU E.J. Ourso College of Business with a bachelor’s degree and went on to Harvard University to obtain his MBA. He earned his bachelor’s degree in just three years, with a full course load, several part-time jobs and being a founding member of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. Natalie received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from LSU’s College of Human Sciences and Education.

In 2017, Beau and Natalie Fournet gave a non-endowed, immediate-use gift to the Ogden Honors College that was used to set up the Beau and Natalie Fournet Scholarship Fund.

“We wanted the benefit to be immediate and maximal, so we did not do an endowed gift,” he said. “We had a high sense of urgency to change the lives of students, so an immediate-use gift was the most strategic route for us.”

Ogden Honors College dean Jonathan Earle was especially thankful for the Fournets’ gift. “The Fournets are extremely knowledgeable philanthropists – they knew these scholarships could be used right away, to lure some of the best students we’d accepted away from other great colleges. I couldn’t be happier they have kept the scholarships going for the past two years.” 

2019 Fournet Scholars_2

The Beau and Natalie Fournet Scholarship is a four-year scholarship awarded to incoming freshmen, and was first awarded in 2018 to Olivia Charouleau, Revathi Menon and Zoe Long.

“The scholarship has made my attendance at LSU financially possible,” said Charoluleau, a biological sciences major. “I am grateful for the opportunities I have received to expand my learning through challenging courses in the Ogden Honors College.”

Menon said the scholarship would help enhance her experience at LSU and dive deeper into her field of study. “This scholarship has provided me with the financial help that I needed,” said Menon, who is majoring in International Studies. “One of my goals at LSU is to travel abroad and enrich my learning experience by taking courses in another country. I wouldn’t have been able to even look forward to this goal without the Fournet family’s generous help. I plan to get as involved as possible in LSU and give back even more than what it has given me.” 

Beau and Natalie live in Dallas, Texas with their six children. Beau, managing director and partner of HBK Capital Management, also serves on the LSU Foundation Board of Directors.

If you would like to join the Fournets in helping to make an impact on the Ogden Honors College community and students, please contact Miles Garrett at (225) 578-6868 or


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