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December 2020 Ogden Honors College Graduates

23 students graduates from the Ogden Honors College

Twenty three Ogden Honors College students graduated on Friday, December 18. Eight students were awarded College Honors, LSU’s highest graduation distinction, which includes the Upper Division Honors Distinction.

A complete list of graduates is organized by academic distinction below:


Graduating with College Honors and Upper Division Honors Distinction

Sebastian Masaya Brumfield Mejía, B.A. Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology
“Measuring the Greatest Weight: A Comprehensive Interpretation of Nietzsche's Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence”
Professor Husain Sarkar

Corey W. Cooper, B.S. Biological Sciences
“Characterizing Drosophila melanogaster Sleep Models Using an Optogenetic Engineered Caspase and Channelrhodopsins”
Assistant Professor Alyssa Johnson

Renée Anne Desporte, B.S. Physics
"Applications and Implementation of a Satellite-Based Quantum Internet"
Professor Jonathan Dowling

Cameron Christopher Emamdjomeh, B.A. Liberal Arts
“Toward a Visual History of Smell in Eighteenth-Century France”
Professor Darius Spieth

John Nicholas Green III, B.S.CES. Coastal Environmental Science, B.A. Political Science; LASAL Scholar
“Demographic Impacts of Climate-Induced Migration and Environmental Shocks and Stressors in Cameron Parish, Louisiana”
Assistant Professor Thomas Douthat

Lillian Margaret Mabel LaPlace, B.S. Biological Sciences
“Exploring the Role of CCP1 and CCP2 in the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Carbon Dioxide Concentrating Mechanism”
Professor James Moroney

Salim Cesar Lutfallah, B.S. Chemistry
“Increasing the Bioavailability of Poorly Soluble Anti-Cancer Prodrugs through Encapsulation in Platinum Based Nanocages”
Assistant Professor Noémie Elgrishi

Kyle Margaret Maher, B.S. Biological Sciences
“Ribosomal RNA Synthesis after Induced Nucleolar Stress in Drosophila melanogaster
Professor Patrick DiMario

Emily Grace Rone, B.S.C.E. Civil Engineering
“Bridge Design Replacement Project for the Charenton Canal Bridge on LA 87 and Comparison of Deck Design Methods”
Professor Ayman Okeil


Graduating with thesis defended:

Joseph Patterson Lane, B.S.Che. Chemical Engineering
“Synthesis of LaMnO3 and CeO2-MnOx Nanocrystals for Selective Catalytic Reduction”
Assistant Professor James Dorman


Graduating in good standing:

Alexandra Bryann Acheson, B.A. Sociology

Austin Samuel Barnes, B.S. Biochemistry

Tyler Jordan Alexander Bates, B.A. Political Science

Rebekah Ann Bourgeois, B.A. Political Science

Lucy Jacqueline Brown, B.S. Psychology

Isabella Kristine Cantu, B.S. Accounting

Lauryn Gabrielle Honoré, B.S. Psychology

Megan Navarro, B.S. Biological Sciences

Susan P. N. Nguyen, B.S. Biological Sciences

Josef Andrew Schuster, B.S. Natural Resource Ecology & Management

Benjamin Luke Smith, B.S. Biological Sciences

Lauren Holly Waggoner, B.S. Psychology

Rachel Evelyn Welch, B.S. Biological Sciences