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2014 Sophomore Honors Distinction Recipients

The Honors College applauds students for outstanding academic achievement at the midpoint of their Honors study

We are pleased to announce that the following LSU Honors College students distinguished themselves by completing Sophomore Honors Distinction in Spring 2014. The evaluation for this high standard of achievement is set for the end of a student's fourth semester in the Honors college. Sophomore Honors Distinction requires completion of significant Honors credit hours with a grade point average of 3.5 in Honors courses and in all course work.  

Recipients of Sophomore Honors Distinction will be formally recognized at the Honors College Award Ceremony on October 12, 2014 in the Auditorium of the Business Education Complex.

Congratulations to these outstanding Honors students! 

Naseem Hussein Alammar Kylie Shae Hebert Keyser
Carlie Lynne Amore Nicholas James Klinka
Nathan Ross Babb Brittni M Lanoux
Jeremy Scott Baldassaro Jennifer Khanh Le
Hannah Greer Barkley Tyler Martin Lollis
Thomas Oliver Beckstrom James Hugh Lynch
Dominique Melicere Becnel Amanda Danielle Mayhall
Adam Michael Beyer Hannah Sue McLain
Kaylyn Elizabeth Blosser Mariel Marie McLaughlin
Seth Abraham Bombet Mason Reed McManus
Madison Taylor Boudreaux Christopher Taylor McVicker
Molly Bernice Bourg William L Melancon
Nicholas Christopher Braud Andrew Paul Mullet
Monica Elaine Bravo Jordan Joseph Nuss
Lexie Lynne Breaux Andrew Paul Olivier
Christian Anthony Brower Sagar Ramesh Patel
John Garrett Clawson Haley Marie Paulish
Warner J Delaune III Aryanna Pauline Prasad
Mark Feuer Ditusa Jon-Eric Prather
Elise Catherine Doran Rachel Anne Rhodes
Joshua David Edwards Kurt David Ristroph
Andrew Michael Ferry Taylor A Robertson
Colin Edward Fulham Joshua Ryan Saltz
Laura Elizabeth Garcia Mary Katherine Schober
Stephanie Paige Gilbert Kira Alana Schuette
Richard Frank Guidry Mollie Marie Smoak
Katie JoAnna Hogan Chauncey Elise Stephens
Majdal Khairieh Ismail Jon Hunter Strohmeyer
Sung Eun Jung Eric J Toups
Jennifer An Kenyon Elizabeth Julia Weltman