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Congratulations New Honors College Advocates

Honors Organization Selects 23 New Members

Congratulations to the 23 newest members of the Honors College Advocates who will work hard to recruit academically motivated high school students, assist incoming Honors College freshmen with the transition to college, and promote the Honors College.

They are:


Aimee Landry

Alex Mendoza

Ashley Willis

Aubrey Parker

Catherine Lowe

Christa Mahlobo

Erika Arceneaux

Grace Melson

Jeremy Tillay

Katherine Bruner

Katilyn Hollowell

Katlyn Cotton

Kevin Whittaker

Kristen Callais

Lauren Johnson

Michaela Jones

Natalie Pickett

Reade Burke

Sarah Mobley

Sean King

Sreeja Sanampudi

Taylor Moss

Wen Koay