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The Honors College Hosts Career Panels

Ever been asked what you want to be when you grow up? At the Honors College, you just might find your answer.

In the coming weeks, the Honors College will host the three events inspired to supply students with tips and information from professionals on their respective careers.

These career panels kick off October 23 with the newly instated Internships Panel, held in the Grand Salon. Current and former Honors College students will share information about their internship experience, and offer tips and advice about finding and making the most of internships. Panelists will answer students' questions and serve as a future resource for students considering an internship in the coming months.

Cindy Seghers, Director of Career Development at the Honors College, coordinates the panels each year. She took some time to speak about the upcoming panels and what they entail. The Internships Panel will include a combination of graduates of the Honors College, as well as current students, all of whom will share their internship experience and how it has benefited them.

“[The panelists] are people who have been in the Honors College and understand where our students are,” said Seghers. “They have had a lot of doors open because of it, or have made some significant career choices as a result of it.”

This connection is what makes Honors College students such a rare commodity for companies. Seghers said that Honors College students are usually prime candidates for internship positions, particularly because of the combination of academic excellence, service, and leadership.

 “When they apply for internships, our students are very competitive because of the themes promoted by the Honors College,” said Seghers. “Students who do service, study abroad, do research, and take leadership positions—they are usually the ones who get those internships because they're doing what we promote.”

In addition to the Internships Panel, the Honors College will be hosting both a Law Professionals Panel on October 30, and an Engineering Panel on November 13.

The Law Panel will consist of professionals from law and legal career fields who will share information about their careers, the rewards, and how they prepared for it. They will also offer tips on deciding on a career in the legal field, gaining practical experience, and applying to law school.

The Engineering Panel will present professionals in a variety of engineering disciplines who will inform prospective engineering majors about the challenges and benefits of an engineering career, as well as offering advice on choosing an engineering discipline.

Seghers also commented that, in composing the panels, she aimed to provide a variety of professionals for a variety of students.

“I do my best to have a balanced panel in terms of different aspects of that career field or profession. I think it's important because we have a variety of students, and I don't want students to come in and say, ‘Oh, this is what this profession looks like, and I don't fit that.’ That's not the point. The point is to have a forum for finding out if this is the area that really fits you best.”

In the past, the Honors College has hosted various other panels, including Business, Arts and Humanities, Non-Profit Management, and Allied Health Professions. The Career Panels service is in its fourth year, and offers different panels each semester.

According to Seghers, the panels benefit not only the students, but also the community.

“[The panels] allow students a forum for asking questions, interacting with professionals, and networking. It's also equally important because it brings professionals and the community face-to-face with our students, who are very bright, ambitious, achievement-oriented, and hard workers. It serves a twofold purpose.”

Story by Jacqueline DeRobertis, LSU Honors College

For more information, contact the Honors College at 225-578-8831