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How to Be a Professional

Honors College hosts business etiquette presentation with Emily Stich

The LSU Honors College strives not only to provide its students with an education, but also to prepare them for life after college. As part of this mission, this week the Honors College will host a presentation on professional etiquette. Certified protocol expert Emily Stich will discuss tactics for successfully navigating the professional world—tactics that will prove useful to all Honors students, no matter their major or year of study. This Business Etiquette presentation will be held on Thursday, September 25 at 7:00 PM in West Laville Library (please RSVP).

This will not just be a simple presentation of table manners, however. “Etiquette is all about building and strengthening relationships, and business is built on relationships,” Ms. Stich explained. “Etiquette is the oil that eliminates or reduces friction between people. With etiquette, people know what to expect of one another.”

In her presentation, Ms. Stich will give a holistic view of all the basic interpersonal skills students need to move confidently and successfully in professional environments. Topics will include job interview skills, dining skills, effective networking, electronic etiquette, and making a first impression through handshake and eye contact.

“We’ll be talking about how etiquette can help you distinguish yourself,” Ms. Stich explained. “Etiquette can help you to project a positive image, confidence, and authority. With confidence comes calm. In networking or interview situations, we’re often nervous, and not sure what to do. When we know what to do it makes us so much calmer, and we can focus on the person across from us, rather than fretting about the little fork.”

“This presentation will be relevant for all Honors students, from freshmen to seniors,” said Cindy Seghers, Director of Career Development at the Honors College. “Whether you’re applying for an internship, a scholarship, graduate school, or a full-time professional position, you’ll absolutely feel more confident in that situation after attending this event.”

Emily Stich served for nearly thirty years as vice president and lobbyist for the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry. She has a Masters of Public Administration from LSU. She received her protocol certification from The Protocol School in Washington, DC, and is the founder of The Protocol and Etiquette Institute in Baton Rouge.

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