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50th Festivities

LSU Roger Hadfield Ogden Honors College Celebrates 50th Anniversary
50th Festivities

(Photo by Collin Richie)

Baton Rouge — Hundreds of Ogden Honors College alumni, students, faculty and friends recently gathered in front of the French House for a celebratory event to recognize its 50th anniversary as a program and 25th anniversary as a college. The event theme was “Honoring Our Roots, Celebrating Our Reach” and featured barbecue, special “50th birthday” cupcakes, lawn games and live music.

Though officially founded as a college in 1992, the honors education at LSU began in 1967 when professors Charles Bigger and Edward Henderson developed a series of team-taught collaborative courses that remain the academic core of the Honors curriculum at LSU. Since its inception, LSU’s Honors College has expanded to include a challenging four-year academic curriculum that also emphasizes service, study abroad, internship exposure, and independent scholarly research.

Dean Jonathan Earle and philanthropist Roger H. Ogden, whose 2014 gift renamed the college, spoke briefly during the program to reflect on past achievements and invite participants to invest in the future of the College. “Just think how far honors has come at LSU since those first seminars in Allen Hall,” Earle said. “[The honors program] has literally transformed the student body, and our campus.”

In honor of the 50th Anniversary celebration, the Ogden Honors Advisory Council has committed $50,000 towards the Honors Excellence Fund. This fund provides much needed support for current and future Ogden Honors students. Every year the Honors Excellence Fund helps LSU's best and brightest with merit based scholarships, funding to complete research, and additional resources to study abroad.  

Prior to the event, attendees were invited to submit photos from their time at the Honors College for the “Honors Through the Years” slideshow held in the Hans and Donna Sternberg Salon, which contained memories spanning three deanships. During the event attendees were also encouraged to tag their posts on social media with the hashtag #foreverOHC so they could be placed on the “Honors Through the Years Tree” in the foyer of the French House. Toward the end of the evening, commemorative pins were handed out to partygoers with the 50th anniversary logo.




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