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Service Opportunities

First Year: Orienting

Service is a pillar of the Honors College experience as it helps our students immerse themselves in opportunities where they can positively impact our community, state, and world.  Service is a part of our interdisciplinary approach to enhance student learning through hands-on experiences. It’s also a great opportunity for students to expand their worldview, which may ultimately help them reimagine career goals and forge new paths. 

The Ogden Honors College hosts service opportunities throughout the year, but other opportunities are available through various LSU entities and Baton Rouge community organizations. Below is a list of selected service opportunities, and links to further information.

Remember, this list is a starting point and we encourage students to seek service opportunities beyond this list, especially those that relate to your intended major.

Louisiana Service and Leadership (LASAL) Program 

The Louisiana Service and Leadership (LASAL) Scholars program prepares Ogden Honors College students for leadership roles in Louisiana, particularly in the fields of public service, social justice, and environmental sustainability. To be eligible, students must be admitted to the Honors College and must complete an interview process in the first semester of their freshman or sophomore year.

Open to all majors, the LASAL program complements the Ogden Honors College curriculum by providing academic courses and practical experience that enhance any field of study. The LASAL curriculum also puts its students on a clear path to graduate with College Honors (one of LSU's highest distinctions, and only available to Honors College students)-- a path that also allows students to gain real-world experience and help improve the lives of Louisiana citizens. Click here to learn more. 

Ogden Leaders 

The Roger Hadfield Ogden Leaders Program allows students to pursue a self-guided project of significance to the state of Louisiana. As many as five Ogden Leaders receive up to $5,000 each to support self-designed, off-campus experiences, enabling them to pursue a passionate interest, develop independent leadership abilities, and contribute to society in a way and to a degree not otherwise possible.

Projects are designed by the applicant and may consist of an independent travel or research project; may focus on humanitarian or social justice concerns at a local, national, or global level; or may enhance independent scientific research, artistic endeavors, and work already in progress. 

Applications are due in April; they are reviewed by a review committee selected by the Dean of the Ogden Honors College. Click here to learn more. 

Project 225

Project 225 is a student-run program (with oversight from Honors College staff) that offers Ogden students the opportunity to get involved with the community through long-term service. It is difficult to understand the challenges facing any community without working closely with people who live and work in that community. Instead of episodic volunteering and service, Project 225 students cultivate relationships with community members and non-profits and are able to continually make a difference in the Baton Rouge community. It creates opportunities for Ogden students to explore and understand the challenges facing our most vulnerable neighbors. 

Service Saturdays

Service Saturdays offer a way for Laville Honors Hall residents to give back to the Baton Rouge community in a variety of ways. One Saturday every month is dedicated to a particular service project depending on the needs of our local partners. This service opportunity provides students an opportunity to foster a stronger relationship with the community and their neighbors in Laville.                  

Other Ogden Honors College Hosted Service Events and Opportunities

  • Ogden Honors College Council

  • Honors College Advocates

LSU Hosted Service Events and Opportunities

Baton Rouge Community Service Events and Opportunities