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Advanced Placement

Information about AP credit and other advanced standing

High-achieving students will often enter LSU with advanced placement credit, which may be applied to degree requirements at the university. Ogden Honors College students are encouraged to take advantage of the academic flexibility made available by using their advanced placement credits, and to use this additional academic "time" to take courses of interest or pursue opportunities such as study abroad, research, or internships.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

LSU recognizes the Advanced Placement (AP) Program of the College Board and grants academic credit hours in appropriate subjects to freshmen according to the list of AP exam scores and credit awarded.

French House SpireWhile senior-year AP scores may not be available at the time of course selection, students can consult with a departmental adviser to make appropriate course selections in preparation. Students who took exams before their senior year of high school and earned a score high enough to receive credit should bring copies of their test scores with them to their Orientation program to make course selections based on credit earned.

NOTE: Students who receive AP credit for Biology, Chemistry, and/or Physics and who intend major in one of those areas (including pre-med majors) often forfeit the AP credit, opting to take the introductory sequence at LSU to ensure foundational knowledge. Students are encouraged to consult with a departmental adviser when making this decision.

The Office of Enrollment Management accepts AP scores sent directly from College Board.  Students should have their AP score reports sent directly to LSU during their senior year of high school. If LSU was not listed as a recipient college when taking the exam, a score report can be sent to LSU at the College Board website. Advanced Placement credits will be reflected on the transcript around midterm of the first semester.

LSU Advanced-Standing Exams

Students have the opportunity to take a number of departmental advanced-standing exams during either the university’s Spring Invitational program or the Freshman Orientation, Advising, and Preregistration programs. Scores on these exams are used to award course credit and to determine initial course placement. Students are encouraged to attempt as many exams as possible, provided they have sufficient knowledge of the subject. Credits earned will appear on the transcript after completion of the first semester. 

SAT/ACT Scores

In addition to being part of your admission application, official ACT and SAT scores are used to determine your initial placement and course credit in freshman English composition and mathematics courses at LSU. Only scores sent directly to the university from ACT or College Board are considered official. If you requested that your scores be sent to LSU when you took the SAT or ACT exam, then your official scores are on file at LSU. If you did not, you may request that your official scores be sent by contacting the appropriate testing center. LSU does not award credit for SAT II Subject Tests.

If you have taken either or both tests more than once, it is advised to send all score reports to the university, as different sets of scores may provide different placements in English composition and mathematics courses. However, LSU will always use scores that result in your highest possible placement.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit

LSU is one of a number of American and secondary schools abroad that participate in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program. This is a comprehensive two-year curriculum leading to examinations and a possible IB Diploma if the requirements of the full program are satisfied.

Students are encouraged to submit their IB diploma record or examination results with their application to the University for evaluation.  Advanced placement credit may be granted in appropriate subjects to freshmen who earn a grade of 4 or better on the IB higher level examinations. Credit is not allowed for IB subsidiary level examinations.