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Apply-Incoming Freshman

The application process for entering college students

Admission Requirements

Freshmen entering LSU are eligible to apply to the Ogden Honors College if they meet the following recommended admission criteria:

  • Academic high school GPA: 3.50 (weighted by LSU)
  • Recommended ACT: 30 Composite with 30 English -OR- Recommended SAT: 1360 Total with 670 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
  • Writing Sample (Required)

Ogden Honors College admission is very competitive. Selection for incoming first-year students is based on high school GPA, ACT or SAT scores, and the writing sample. The strength of courses taken in high school will be considered as it is factored into the calculation of the high school.

Writing Sample

ONE of the following writing requirement criteria will be considered:

  • ACT or SAT Writing Test Score
  • AP English Language & Composition or English Literature score
  • IB English Language or English Literature score of 4 or higher (HL exams only)
  • Common Application Essay
  • Honors College Essay*

*Students who do not have one of the writing criteria above will have the opportunity to submit an essay based on an Honors College prompt, which can be found in the LSU Admissions Portal after the Admissions Committee has initially reviewed your application.

How to Apply

Students interested in becoming members of the Ogden Honors College should first apply for admission to LSU through the Common Application. A portion of the LSU application serves as the application for Honors College admission; there is no separate application process. New freshmen students must be admitted to LSU before their admission to the Honors College will be considered. Honors College admission consideration is separate from that of LSU admission and for entering freshman scholarships.

Students who have already completed the Common Application, but did not indicate the option for Honors College admission consideration, may amend their application by contacting our office at .

Admissions Timeline

The deadline to apply and be considered for the Ogden Honors College is December 15. Applications will be reviewed after LSU begins releasing admission decisions, as early as October 1.  Students will be notified of their Honors College admission status beginning in November and on a rolling basis thereafter.

Students are strongly encouraged to apply by the December 15 deadline. Any applications received after this date will be reviewed on a space-available basis.


Any student who wishes to appeal an admission decision may do so by letter, addressed to the Dean of the Ogden Honors College, Dr. Jonathan Earle. Appeals may be submitted only by the applicant and must clearly state the applicant's reasons for appealing the original admission decision. The appeal should include significant information that was not included in the original application. All appeals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Applicants may expect a response within 3 weeks of the date we receive the appeal. Appeals must be received by June 1.

Send your written request and supporting materials to:
LSU Ogden Honors College
Attn: Admissions
101 French House
Baton Rouge, LA 70803