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Propose a Course

Create an HNRS Course Proposal

To submit a proposal to teach an HNRS course for the Ogden Honors College, please complete all fields in the Course Proposal form below. Upon submission, the proposal will be in queue for review by the OHC Faculty Advisory Board. The Board reviews course proposals during meetings early in the semester, after which the faculty member will be provided feedback concerning the proposal.  

Course Proposals are expected to include compelling rationale for the course as an Honors-level experience. For a complete description of the requirements a course must meet to be an HNRS course offering, please thoroughly consult the Course Guidelines established by the Faculty Advisory Board of the Ogden Honors College. All proposals will be reviewed in light of these guidelines; therefore, all faculty making course proposals are encouraged to become familiar with them.

Please submit a draft syllabus including the following:

  • Course Number, Section and Name
  • Semester/year
  • Faculty Member’s Name, Phone number and Email
  • Faculty Member’s Office Location and Office Hours
  • Goals, objectives and learning outcomes for the course
  • Required texts
  • Assignments with grade distribution
  • Grading scale
  • Brief description of assignments
  • Schedule of Classes and Topical Outline

The following statements should appear on the syllabus.  Suggested examples are available.

  • Statement of Policy on Academic Misconduct
  • Statement of Attendance Policy
  • Diversity Statement
  • Disability Accommodation
  • Final Exam Accommodation


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