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Honors Option

Awarding Honors credit in an upper-level course

The Honors Option provides an opportunity for upper-level students to earn Honors credit for a 3000/4000 level LSU course. Conditions to receive Honors credit are agreed upon at the beginning of the semester and will include work beyond what is required by the syllabus.

Manage Honors Option Agreements

Curricular Goal

Honors Option credit is required within Upper Division Honors Distinction (thesis) programs. Through smaller independent projects, students gain confidence and ability to carry out the thesis project. With a wide degree of flexibility allowed, the Honors Option creates an opportunity for creative and innovative teaching methods, tailored to an individual student in the context of a course. Example conditions for Honors Option credit include, an additional paper, a literature review of a topic of interest to the student, additional problem sets, or a presentation on a topic to the class. If there is something that a faculty member wishes they could have included in their syllabus for all students, the Honors Option allows a space for that innovation and enhancement.

Honors Option Procedures

The Honors Option Agreement is due by the fourteenth day of classes and is created through a formal process on this website. The conditions for Honors credit are defined within the terms of this Agreement. Approvals of the student, instructor of the course, and Dean of the Honors College are required to establish an Honors Option Agreement.

A verification of fulfillment status of the Agreement is due by the grade reporting deadline of that academic semester, term or intersession. This verification process allows the instructor to evaluate the student's completion of conditions defined at the beginning of the semester. Upon fulfillment of the conditions, a notation of ‘HNR’ is added on the student's transcript for the course.

It is the responsibility of the student to initiate the process of establishing an Honors Option Agreement. An interface is available for the management of Honors Option Agreements, including a fuller description of the stages of the formal process.

Manage Honors Option Agreements

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