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Teach Honors Courses

Professors from across campus engage with high-achieving Honors students

HNRS: Honors College course offerings

Courses offered by the Ogden Honors College (designated HNRS courses) are opportunities for LSU professors to teach within their areas of research specialization, to engage with the University's top undergraduate students in an intimate seminar setting, and to set the stage for numerous additional mentoring, teaching, and service opportunities, including the Ogden Honors Thesis Project.  

The wide variety of HNRS courses in the General Catalog allow professors to explore their current particular research interests with students in special topics courses offered at various levels, from introductory seminars to advanced senior-level independent work. Interdisciplinary teaching is another cornerstone of Ogden Honors, with faculty from all Colleges working together, creating environments of critical thinking and communication that transcend disciplinary boundaries and encourage creative synthesis of knowledge and experience.

Departmental Honors Courses, Honors Option, and the Honors Thesis Project

LSU faculty have additional opportunities to teach Honors students through Departmental Honors Courses and the Honors Option. Departmental Honors courses are Honors versions of existing courses; these courses are developed and coordinated by the home department (for example, MATH 1553 is an Honors version of MATH 1552, and is scheduled and staffed by the Department of Mathematics). The Honors Option is an enhancement of an existing upper-level, non-Honors course based on an agreement between student and professor for additional, independent Honors-level work. The Honors Thesis Project is the culmination of multiple semesters of specialization and research under the mentorship of a faculty thesis director.  All final Honors Thesis projects are certified by the Ogden Honors College in the awarding of graduation recognitions, such as Upper Division Honors Distinction and College Honors.

Honors Course Proposals and Guidelines

To teach a NEW HNRS course, a professor first makes a course proposal as described in the Honors Course Guidelines. The proposals, which include a proposed syllabus, are evaluated by the Honors Faculty Advisory Board with respect to their rigor, relevance, and originality. Upon approval, a course should be ready to be offered in a subsequent semester.  Any LSU professor from any department is welcome to propose a course.  

Faculty who would like to teach an HNRS course they’ve taught in previous semesters complete the approved course form.

The French House

Professors are welcome to teach in La Maison Francaise, the French House, LSU landmark and home of the Ogden Honors College. Modeled after a Norman chateau in the Calvados region of France, and built for a French and Italian immersion program in the time of Huey Long, the building now houses Ogden Honors College classrooms, meeting and study spaces, and staff offices. Special class events, such as films, special speakers, or performances, can be held in the French House's elegant Grand Salon located on the ground level of the building. The French House had a $5 million renovation that transformed its interior spaces and upgraded classrooms with improved multimedia capabilities and configuration ideal for Honors seminar teaching. 

Faculty members are essential to the mission and success of the Ogden Honors College. We rely on LSU faculty to mentor Honors students throughout their time at LSU, from introductory seminars to graduation with College Honors. In addition to academic courses, there are also many other valuable teaching, service, and research opportunities available to LSU faculty through the Ogden Honors College.