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The baseline requirements for Upper Division Honors Distinction are:

  • 12 hours of 3000/4000-level Honors coursework, including 3-6 thesis hours
  • Honors Thesis Project
  • 3.50 cumulative and LSU GPA
  • 3.50 GPA in Upper Division program courses

Several major departments have designated specific programs of study for their Upper Division Programs beyond the baseline requirements for Upper Division Honors Distinction. Synopses of such departmental program requirements are listed below. Full requirements may be obtained directly from departments.  

In majors without established Upper Division programs, the baseline requirements (above) should be followed.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Hours Required


Course Requirements

  • 6 hours of upper level courses in major with Honors option


  • EITHER Design Project Thesis, which includes Senior design with Honors Option & HNRS 4000, as extension of one semester design project
  • OR Scholarly Paper Thesis Format, which includes two semesters of HNRS 4000

Thesis Courses Available

Senior Design, HNRS 4000