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Art and Its Markets

HNRS 2021 Sec. 010 - Spring 2023

Professor Darius Spieth School of Art

Tu Th 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
135 French House

This course is designed to approach the issue of art and its role in the commercial market place from a variety of perspectives. It is divided into two parts. Part one will retrace the origins of the various “players” in the modern art market setting (dealers, auction houses, collectors, museums, etc.) from seventeenth-century Holland to the end of WWII. Part two will investigate the structures and strategies of the contemporary art market. Issues will include marketing, psychology, economics, finance, ethics, and the social role of art in capitalist society. Guest lectures and museum visits will supplement and enrich class discussions. As capstone projects, students will curate a hypothetical exhibition on the subject of “Art & Money,” as well as write and present a research project.

Fulfills General Education:

English Composition