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Infectious Cultures: Global Stories of Disease, 1995 to COVID-19

HNRS 3025 Sec. 060 - Spring 2021

Professor Pallavi Rastogi Department of English

M W F 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
100% Web-Based

The Coronavirus pandemic has sown panic and pandemonium globally, forcing a reflection on individual and collective health as well as on the future of the human race itself. We are never alone in our contemplation of existential crisis though. Literature, art, and culture provide desperately needed anchors in times of collective suffering. This course will focus on contemporary literary texts about pandemics, diseases, and illnesses from the Anglophone postcolonial world and from ethnic American writing. The class is broadly divided into two parts: “Recent Literary Texts About Pandemics and Diseases” and “Literary Texts About COVID-19.” Discussions will be conducted in a student-centered format prioritizing active participation from everyone in the class.