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Inequality: The Politics of Capitalism

HNRS 2033 Sec. 02 - Spring 2020

Associate Professor Wonik Kim Department of Political Science

Tu Th 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
135 French House

Inequality is more important now than ever. Relentless inequality synchronizes with hyper globalization, a growing number of precarious workers, the creation of burnout society, the deepening of identity politics, the rise of demagogic nationalism, and democratic backsliding. The crux of what’s going on in the world today lies in global inequality.

Through lectures and discussions, we will consider answers to key questions such as:

  • Why are we so rich and they so poor? Who are “we” and “they”?
  • Why does inequality matter? Why are the facts about inequality controversial?
  • What are the relations between material inequality and racial, ethnic, and gender inequalities?
  • What does it all mean to our “everyday life”?
  • Is the future already here? What is to be done?

Fulfills General Education:

English Composition
Social Sciences