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The Constitution and American Civilization

HNRS 3025 Sec. 1 - Spring 2016

Professor Paul Baier Hebert Law Center

Tu Th 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Tucker Room, Law Center

FEATURING: Justice Benjamin Cardozo, and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes DESIGNED FOR: Honors College Students Who Intend to Enter Law School And so LSU has its first Honors College offering in Law: “The Constitution and American Civilization,” featuring Holmes and Cardozo, and aimed at LSU’s brightest aspirants for law school and the legal profession. I remember my own beginnings at LSU both as an undergraduate and as a law student, poring over the books and walking the great halls of the Old Law School, where few women, at that time, accompanied me. One never knows what the future holds, but a path must be blazed. I am glad to add a word of encouragement and hope to Baier and Hardy’s enthusiastic experiment. Why hasn’t this been done before? -Chief Justice Catherine D. Kimball Louisiana Supreme Court