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Psychology Research Methodologies

HNRS 3000 Sec. 060 - Fall 2021

Professor Janet McDonald Department of Psychology

Tu Th 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
112 Prescott Hall

**Required for third-year Psychology majors pursuing Upper Division Honors or College Honors**

Interested in going to graduate school in psychology?
Want to get one-on-one mentoring in a psychology research project?
This is the class for you!

This is the first class in a four-semester sequence designed to enable you to write an Upper Division Honors Thesis in Psychology. You must take this course in order to do an Honors Thesis in psychology. The course covers the methods used in psychological research, teaches you critical thinking skills for research by reading and critiquing psychology journal articles, allows you to design, run and analyze a small research study that the class does together, and requires an APA style research proposal in an area of your choosing. This class offers lots of hands-on opportunities for skill acquisition.

Psychology major with at least a 3.5 GPA
Junior level standing, with 4 semesters left until graduation (graduation date Spring 2023)
You do not have to currently be a member of the Honors College to take this class!

After completing this class, you will be paired with a faculty mentor in the psychology department for the next three semesters. During that time, you will devise an empirical research project, do a formal written and oral proposal, devise your stimuli and measurement instruments, run participants in your study, enter and analyze your data, and write an APA style report, and have a formal oral defense of your project. You will gain extremely valuable research and data analysis skills that graduate departments in psychology are looking for!