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Environmental Issues: Underlying Causes and the Role of Humans

HNRS 1035 Sec. 090 - Fall 2021

Professor Dominique Homberger Department of Biological Sciences

Tu Th 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
120 French House

This course will guide participants from an understanding of the evolutionary and cultural history of the human species and its effects on the ecology of this Earth to a deeper understanding of the ecological effects and ethical dimensions of human actions.

The course will discuss (1) physical and ecological characteristics of this earth; (2) anatomical, physiological and behavioral characteristics of the human species; (3) the geographical expansion and cultural and technological adaptations of the human species; (4) ecological effects of the human species; and (5) ethical considerations of modern human society, including the role of personal and collective responsibility and choice in our current complex, challenging and changing world.

Introductory lectures will be supplemented by required readings from books, articles from the primary and secondary scientific literature, and news media items to facilitate energetic and fearless discussions. Students will be expected to write high-quality essays on research topics of their own choice and produce a capstone slide presentation on insights gained in this course.

Fulfills General Education:

Natural Sciences