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The Materials of Art

HNRS 1036 Sec. 2 - Fall 2018

Professor John A. Pojman Department of Chemistry

Tu Th 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Make your own fresco!  Create your own jewelry from milk!  Learn why Jackson Pollock used Duco paint!  Learn how oil paint is different than acrylic paint.

Course Objective: Our goal is to learn how visual art through the ages has been influenced by the development of new materials, especially polymeric materials. 

Course Description: For science or non-science majors. In the course we will explore the science of the materials used in visual art through the ages, with special emphasis on how polymers and polymer chemistry have been used and how the advent of new materials allowed new art forms.  We will do in-class activities including making frescoes, ink, oil paints, Bakelite, galalith and using acrylic paints.

Fulfills General Education:

Natural Sciences