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Ogden Honors Courses

Learning opportunities that confer Honors credit

HNRS Courses

The Ogden Honors College offers classes under the HNRS heading, taught by faculty members from across campus. Many HNRS courses are interdisciplinary and cover topics that cross multiple fields, and all are taught in a small seminar format with less than 20 students.  

Departmental Honors Courses

Departments also offer Honors classes under their own course heading, eg. CHEM 1421 Honors General Chemistry or PHIL 1001 Honors Introduction to Philosophy.  These courses are often equivalent to a non-Honors course of the same topic and apply to requirements in an equivalent manner.  

Honors Option

Honors Options are a means of earning Honors credit in a traditional, non-Honors course at the 3000 or 4000 level. Honors Options are individually designed through a contract process with the instructor of the course.

HNRS Research Courses

Honors research courses are offered under the HNRS rubric as well, including HNRS 3100 for internships, fieldwork, and other off-campus opportunities and HNRS 4000 for Honors Thesis Projects.  


All HNRS and departmental Honors course offerings for a semester may be viewed in the course offerings application of the University. Selecting to view 'by course category' offers selection of a full, current Honors course listing with times, locations, and professors.

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